A client’s perspective – Adrian Fox

Kooyong’s commitment to their customers sets them apart from other financial institutions.

James (former CEO) has an incredible work ethic. What I’ve been impressed by is his determination to get things done.

I can email him at 9:30 at night and have a response by 10 o’clock. It’s a testament to how hard he’s working for us.

That sort of commitment to customer service is the reason why James (former CEO) is becoming so successful.

He’s very picky and very careful about who he hires. And, as a result, he has a whole group of people who work the same way as he does. They’re all similarly minded. They get a buzz out of helping people.

He’s always on the front foot with philanthropy and things that benefit society – and that could be planting trees or the CEO Sleepout. You can tell that he really believes in what he’s doing.

We, as a group of surgeons, have started our own philanthropic foundation to try to raise money for research, and James (former CEO) has been enormously helpful in making this happen.

Adrian Fox – Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Surgeon