Finding trust in your lender

It’s been said that money is an exchange of experiences. But its true value is far greater. Money is the building block of security and opportunity in our personal lives and careers, for our families and futures.

As a finance customer, you need to be able to trust the companies and people that you choose to help you make important decisions. Whether they are keeping your money safe, investing it for you, or lending it to you so you can achieve your goals and aspirations.

The banking and finance industry has undergone some major changes in the past couple of years. As a result, we know that any new client shouldn’t blindly have faith in our business simply because we say that we are ethical.

Only time and actions can build deep trust

Many Kooyong Group clients have been with their same personal advisor and lending specialist for years. In some cases, from university days to buying a first home, opening a practice, having families, becoming specialists in their fields and owning multiple practices.

When people go on a journey together through these milestones in life, they naturally form close personal relationships and partnerships. Over time, genuine trust does evolve from these.

We acknowledge that we are in business too. And our intention is to be profitable, whilst always doing everything we can for, and by, our clients. So when we signed and committed to The Banking and Finance Oath, an initiative started in 2012 to improve the ethical standards and the reputation of the financial services industry, we knew that action would mean much more than the signature itself.

By putting their nine missions into action every day, it helps us to run an authentic, honest and professional business – whether we are serving every client’s interests in the very best faith, giving back to the communities that support us or helping to create a sustainable future through some of our giving initiatives.

Ultimately, we endeavour to give people the tools to trust us through our actions. With significant client time and shared experience our advisors aim to reach this goal of trust and success for all.