A client’s perspective – Michael Hii

Whilst the financial side of the relationship runs efficiently, as you would expect from any kind of high-level financial advisor, I feel that James (former CEO) and the team have also really helped us out in non-financial ways. They’ve been hugely impactful helping us found and progress our charity organisation. They’ve really gone above and beyond.

I feel the Kooyong team has a genuine interest in philanthropy. They are just generally interested in helping people.

Like most working professionals, I’m time-poor and try to squeeze too much into my days. Kooyong made the complex task of refinancing my house, which is an area I’m not familiar with, very smooth. I didn’t have to devote a lot of intellectual energy to completing the process, which I found hugely valuable.

Michael HiiOesophago-Gastric and Bariatric Surgeon