Over 1300 trees planted…and we’re just getting started

18 February 2021

It was late 2019. Our former CEO, James Ostroburski, in Israel on business, was conversing on the phone with our Senior Marketer, Daniel Pront. Together, but half a world apart, they were both watching on as the Amazon Rainforest burnt out of control.

Witnessing the planet’s lungs incinerating had an immense effect on both of them. So, that night, the seeds were planted for a Kooyong Group initiative to help protect the environment and fight climate change in a meaningful and impactful way.




We’re planting for purpose

To reduce our carbon footprint, we began funding tree planting projects here in Australia. Months later, the summer bushfires devastating the east coast made us even more determined to restore forests and reduce global warming.

By the end of 2020, despite bushfire and Covid-19 hurdles, Kooyong Group had funded the planting of more than 1300 trees in Australia.

And it’s only the beginning.



We’re branching out into far bigger things

From that first phone conversation, the goal of our tree planting initiative has been to make a tangible difference in the world.

We’re excited to say that our work to date is only the beginning of a far greater initiative to:

  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • help save Australia’s unique and amazing landscape
  • conserve and promote biodiversity
  • support local communities and economies that need and deserve it most.

So, watch this space.