Unique perspective and commitment to client outcomes drive rapid clinic growth for Queensland dentist

Few people can see the parallels between the architecture of the Empire State Building, the great works of Leonardo da Vinci and a well-made set of dental veneers. According to Queensland dentist and casual watercolourist Dr Marc Miller, it’s all about the subtleties of the proportions.

When you look at the Mona Lisa, there’s just the slightest subtle thing about that corner of the mouth, that makes it turn into a smile as opposed to a scowl, and it’s the same with teeth,” he says.

Dr Miller’s unique perspective, and his commitment to providing individualised client outcomes based on the latest technology and techniques, mean that his practice in Brisbane’s north, Nundah Village Dental, has experienced rapid growth. He constantly upskills to ensure his clients can access every practical treatment option.

You have to know what’s on offer, so that you know what you can do for the customer,” said Dr Miller says.

It is a lesson he learnt early in his career, after watching his father and brother practice dentistry for years.

My father said that at least once a week, right up until he retired, you’d look at some patient and think – ‘What the heck are we going to do with this one?’”

Dr Miller says his father taught him that all people are different, and all have individual problems. You need a team with good networks to solve their respective problems.

Growing up in the regional town of Roma, where the same businesses sat on the main strip for 30 years, he was drawn to the community aspect of the dentistry business and the ability to help people.

While the industry has changed dramatically since his father graduated in the 1950s, the sense of community has remained. It’s that same sense of loyalty and community that he appreciates most from Kooyong Group Relationship Director Michael Foley.

Michael arranged the financing for Dr Miller’s first partnership buy in, and helped him and his business partner re-finance when they expanded into their current offices. Later on, he helped Dr Miller to take over the practice as the sole owner when his partner retired.

It’s Michael’s mix of industry expertise and loyalty that has led to a lasting relationship.

Michael is just so experienced in the dental field and has the right networks. You’re not talking to someone with no experience in [the medical] industry and finance.

He’s proven himself to be an ‘always on the other side of the phone’ character,” Dr Miller says.

For his part, Dr Miller has used his love of creating watercolour landscapes to inform his work as a dentist, approaching a patient’s smile with the same care and attention he commits to his art. It’s that commitment that saw his practice outgrow its location just as an initial fit out reached completion.

When the option to buy a new commercial property for his practice arose, Dr Miller turned to Michael once again. As a dentist, Dr Marc says he often feels out of his depth discussing risk profiles for investments, and different strategies for his portfolio, but feels much more secure knowing he can rely on Michael’s advice.

It was really valuable having Michael there. I felt supported because I’ve known Michael so long. I can always have a chat to him on the phone, and he’s been able to liaise with my financial advisors, and accountants. There’s always been a seamless flow.

Buying this latest property will not be the end of their relationship.

Going forward Michael will help with the fit out of the property and Dr Miller says he will continue to come to him with his finance needs into the future.

Kooyong Group is proud of the long-standing relationships it has formed with clients who continue to build thriving practices in their respective fields.