‘Tis the season to consider a new car

The end of the year typically sees sales among car dealerships, making it a peak period for doctors to slip behind the wheel of a new car. Avant’s car loan could help medical professionals drive a great deal.

Car loans for doctors

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Car Industries reports record levels of new car sales in recent months[1].

Close to 107,000 new vehicles were sold in October 2023 – up 22% on last year, putting the industry on track to notch up 1 million new sales in 2023 alone.

While this is a time of year when many Australians are making festive plans, plenty of doctors will use the weeks ahead to upgrade their car – and take advantage of opportunities to pocket turbo-charged savings.

The end-of-year offers value-packed buying

Jeremy Stagg, Head of Avant Financial Services, South Australia, says the next few months are one of the peak periods for car buyers.

He explains, “Dealerships often hold end-of-year sales in order to boost their sales tally for the year.

“Then in the New Year, we tend to see generous plate clearance deals as car yards make room for the latest models.”

The upshot is that now is an ideal time for doctors to consider upgrading their own car, or buying a first car for a child or grandchild.

Car finance sewn up in just a few hours

While there’s nothing like the thrill of getting behind the wheel of your next car, a drawn-out finance process is considerably less appealing.

As a specialist lender who focuses solely on the finance needs of doctors, Avant understands that doctors are time-poor. That’s why they aim to deliver a seamless, hassle-free loan process that gets doctors into the car of their choice sooner.

“Our car loan process really is remarkably easy,” explains Jeremy. “It all starts with doctors making a simple call to Avant. We’ll have a quick chat over the phone to gather some basic details, check that a doctor is registered, and from there we can have a car loan approved within just a few hours.”

The pluses of loan pre-approval

Even better, doctors don’t need to wait until they have found the vehicle they want to buy to apply for an Avant car loan.

Jeremy explains, “Avant’s car loan pre-approval makes it easy for doctors to set a buying budget, and have a clear picture of their loan repayments upfront.

“Then, when the right car comes along – either at a dealership or through a private seller, doctors have the reassurance of knowing they have finance in place. It means being able to buy the car sooner, and pre-approval can be a powerful tool when it comes to negotiating on price.”

We’ve got your back

In addition to a super-quick approval process and cost competitive funding, Avant gives doctors another, unique advantage.

“As a lender, we specialise in the medical profession. So, doctors know that Avant has their back,” says Jeremy. “For example, we understand that some doctors like to turn their car over every year or two, so we can structure a loan in a way that minimises the costs when a certain trigger point is reached.

“This depth of awareness of doctors’ unique financing needs is unlikely to be matched by a less experienced lender in this field,” notes Jeremy.

Enjoy the open road sooner

To find out more about how Avant can streamline your next car purchase, visit our Car Loans for Doctors page or request a free consultation with one of Avant’s medical finance specialists.


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[1] https://www.fcai.com.au/