Turning a doctor’s dream into a reality is an honour. For this reason, Avant Financial Services launched a video series called ‘Moments that Matter’. In this series, we share our clients’ journeys and highlight the admirable work they do within their industry.

Episode 1: Dr Christine Smith

As a doctor, it can be very intimidating to start your own practice when your background is medicine and not business.

Registered specialist in equine surgery and managing director at Agnes Banks Equine Clinic, Christine Smith knows this all too well. When looking to purchase the Agnes Banks Equine Clinic, she was very nervous and got cold feet several times. However, Avant finance specialist lender, Paul Catanzariti, assisted Christine with her doubts. He explained her options and went above and beyond to ensure Christine got her desired outcome.

I've only ever had positive experiences with Paul. He's always on the other end of the phone or the other end of the email when I need to hear from him, and he has always made a point of understanding my needs.
Dr Christine Smith

Equine surgeon and owner/managing director of Agnes Banks Equine Clinic

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Episode 2: Dr Tony Alvino and Aris Gatoudis

Starting a business is no easy task, particularly when you have to secure finance for your investment.

However, working with a specialist medical lender who is knowledgeable and supportive can make it simpler. Dentists and co-founders of Family Dental Clinics Adelaide, Tony Alvino and Aris Gatoudis have experienced this first-hand. When they opened their first practice, they enlisted the help of specialist lender Jeremy Stagg. Since opening their first practice, they have continued to use Jeremy for all their financing needs. Tony and Aris refer him to everyone, even their children.

I can remember the time when we bought the property to set up the practice. We had to set up the finances to build the practice and that was particularly stressful. To have someone that could direct you an appropriate way eased a lot of pressure, and that was what Jeremy was able to do.
Dr Tony Alvino and Dr Aris Gatoudis

Dentists and co-founders of Family Dental Clinics Adelaide

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