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You have financial goals. We understand them.

As a doctor, trying to arrange finance through banks can be frustrating. To secure the right solution, you need a lending partner that understands your profession, your goals, and that your financial situation doesn’t always fit into the square of convention.

Why Kooyong Group Experience a level of personalised service, advice and care that places your financial needs and aspirations at the centre of everything.

Partner with one advisor

Build a relationship with the same highly skilled and experienced doctor’s lending specialist for all your finance needs. Enjoy a level of personal service, expertise and care you’ve been coveting, yet missing, from banking customer experiences.

Save valuable time

From direct phone, email and in-person contact with your dedicated advisor, to prompt solutions, minimal paperwork and consistent updates, we ensure every communication and interaction is as immediate, beneficial and simple as possible.

Know we give back

Each year, Kooyong Group commits at least 12% of our profits to grants across medicine, hospitals, mental health and the arts. Actively supporting the medical community, and those in need, is a major part of who we are.

Secure the right lending

Maximise your opportunities to acquire the ideal finance solution for your needs by taking advantage of our unparalleled medical lending expertise, senior contacts in the banking world and loan options designed for doctors.

Exclusively for doctors

Career costs, diverse career paths, interim income and complex earnings…our people understand doctor’s unique professional and financing challenges more intimately than other lenders. And we have better solutions than anyone in the market too.

Arrange all your lending

We go on your entire journey with you. Whether you’re buying or upgrading a property, car, practice, equipment or something personal, you can be certain we have the custom loan products and lending partners to help you thrive at every stage of your career and life.

Point Lowley, South Australia

Gain a client’s perspective

Hear how surgeons, GPs and other medical specialists trust in Kooyong Group advisors to look after their financing needs.

Gain a client’s perspective
I was being laughed out of the bank by the bank managers. They said 'come back in ten years time when you’re qualified..' Penny took away the difficulties associated with dealing with the banks that really enabled us to buy our first house.
Matthew Read

Upper GI Surgeon, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne