Live in your own home

Whether you’re in a strong financial position, or concerned that your current earnings might impact your borrowing capacity, a Kooyong Group advisor will take you through every step to arrange the right tailored loan for a home you can finally call your own.

Live in your own home

Upsize, downsize or buy another

Moving into a new home, or buying another for your kids or as a holiday house, comes with big questions. How much can I borrow? Should I sell my current home? Do I turn it into an investment? We can provide guidance on these matters and more while sourcing, negotiating and organising a home loan that supports your short and long-term goals.

Upsize, downsize or buy another

Make a move to a better loan

Are you looking to switch to a home loan with a lower rate or inclusions that better meet your current requirements and plans?

Access a range of competitive and exclusive refinancing options with the help of a dedicated advisor who specialises in arranging better performing home finance for doctors.

Make a move to a better loan

Fund a makeover or build

If you’re renovating a property for any number of reasons - to freshen up spaces, expand for a growing family, increase its value for sale, add a home practice – a Kooyong Group advisor can walk you through a selection of tailored property loans to ensure your renovation finance is just as appealing.

Fund a makeover or build

Get set for success

Whether you’re new to property investment or building a growing portfolio of real estate, our property lending specialists have the expertise and connections to source the most suitable loan for your needs, while providing insight and guidance on deposits, ongoing payments, tax-friendly returns and more.

Get set for success
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Discover what it’s like to have a dedicated Kooyong Group advisor on your side.

Gain a client’s perspective
I was being laughed out of the bank by the managers. They said 'come back in ten years time when you’re qualified...' Penny took away the difficulties associated with dealing with the banks, that really enabled us to buy our first house.
Matthew Read

Upper GI surgeon, St Vincent's hospital Melbourne

Why Kooyong Group Experience a level of personalised service, advice and care that places your financial needs and aspirations at the centre of everything.

Partner with one advisor

Build a relationship with a skilled and experienced doctor’s lending specialist who provides a level of personalised service and care you’ve been missing from your traditional banking experiences.

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Save valuable time

From direct phone, email and in-person contact with your dedicated advisor, to prompt solutions, minimal paperwork and consistent updates, we ensure your entire home loan experience is as immediate, beneficial and easy as possible.

Know we give back

Each year, Kooyong Group commits to significant grants across medicine, hospitals, mental health and the arts. Actively supporting the medical community, and those in need, is a major part of who we are.

Secure better home loans

Maximise your opportunities to acquire the ideal home loan solution for your needs by taking advantage of our unparalleled medical lending expertise, senior banking industry contacts, range of lenders and options designed for doctors.

Exclusively for doctors

Career costs, contracts while in training, diverse career paths, interim income and complex earnings…our people understand doctor’s unique professional and financing challenges more intimately than other lenders.

Arrange all your financing

We go on your entire journey with you. Whether you’re buying or upgrading a property, car, practice, equipment or something personal, we have the custom loan products and lending partners to help you thrive at every stage of your career and life.

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You don’t feel like you’re just dealing with some institution – it’s a very personal, individualised approach.
Dr Kedar Humnabadkar

Consultant Obstetrician

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you can borrow, also known as your borrowing capacity or borrowing power, is based on your unique financial circumstances. Your income, assets, liabilities and credit history can all affect your borrowing power.

Kooyong Group advisors are well versed in doctor’s unique earnings, complex financial structures and other circumstances that make financing through many banks challenging. They have access to products and lending partners that specialise in lending for doctors.

This is very much dependent on which bank you decide on. You should be able to get an indication of borrowing capacity within a few days.

The deposit required depends largely on the type of home loan and lender. As a general rule, if you are an owner-occupier, you’ll require 5-10% of the purchase price as a deposit. If you are an investor, you’ll ideally require 10% of the purchase price, although it’s possible to purchase with less.

This is a one-off payment which varies by state or territory (from $7,000 up to $26,000) to assist eligible first home owners with purchase or construction costs. You can speak with an advisor to find out if you are eligible.

State government stamp duty is around 3-6% of a property’s selling price. Each state or territory has different rules and calculations. Some offer discounts or exemptions to first home buyers.

Bridging finance is available if you are looking to buy or build a new home prior to selling your current property even if the proceeds of the sale are required for your new purchase.

Talk to a Kooyong Group advisor to find out if bridging finance is suitable for your current situation.

State government stamp duty is around 3-6% of a property’s selling price. Each state or territory has different rules and calculations. Some offer discounts or exemptions to first home buyers.

Refinancing generally means moving your existing loan/s and corresponding mortgage/s from one lender to another.

You can refinance your home loan for many reasons, such as:

• securing a cheaper rate
• renovating your home.
• paying off debts and rolling them into your home loan.
• using funds to buy a car or shares

Depending on the product you choose, refinancing can help by:
• Reducing your monthly repayments on a lower interest rate
• Reducing risk by switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate.
• Reducing uncertainty around monthly repayment amounts.
• Providing the flexibility to pay off your loan faster
• Consolidating credit cards, personal loans or other debts into a lower rate loan
• Freeing up cash to finance a renovation or investment property purchase

Your Kooyong Group advisor can take you through the pros and cons of refinancing and arrange the most appropriate loan, should you decide to go ahead.

Some of the benefits of a Home Renovation Loan are:

• Flexible repayment options
• Flexible access to funds
• Competitive interest rates
• Quick and fast approvals.

The funds are available for almost any service, including:

• House maintenance
• Remodelling
• Painting
• New flooring
• Internal repairs
• External repairs.

Construction loans are approved specifically for your large renovation or build. You access those funds as progress payments instead of one lump sum.

For example, the bank may approve $500,000 for the construction, but these funds will be paid via drawdowns according to the progress payment schedule. They will not be made available all at once as they are in a renovation loan.

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