Make the right first move

There’s always a lot to consider when investing in your first property.

And, sometimes, banks don’t understand doctor’s financial situations.

Your dedicated Kooyong Group advisor can answer questions you might have around deposits, loan amounts, existing equity and more that could help towards your investment.

We’re with you every step of the journey to securing the right loan for your needs.

Make the right first move

Add a lending expert to your team

Owning multiple properties and multiple entities often comes with many-sided considerations, from complex financial structures to tax efficiencies, debt recycling and more.

Our lending specialists for doctors can provide you with invaluable expertise and tailored guidance on all matters while sourcing, negotiating and organising the investment loan that best supports your long-term goals.

Add a lending expert to your team

Choose the place that fits your plans

There are many properties you can purchase as a residential investment – apartments, houses, duplexes, holiday homes, AirBnBs and more.
Each one presents unique benefits and challenges.

Your Kooyong Group lending specialist will take you through the pros and cons of each to eliminate the complexity. Then help you confidently move ahead to achieve your property goals and take charge of your financial future.

Choose the place that fits your plans
Hallet Cove, South Australia

Gain a client’s perspective

Discover what it’s like to have a dedicated Kooyong Group advisor on your side.

Gain a client’s perspective
Dianne understands financial situations that are outside of the norm. She is incredibly intelligent and on point when you talk to her about what your needs might be.
Trish Mason

Long term Kooyong Group client

Why Kooyong Group? We place your financial needs and aspirations at the centre of everything we do. Personalised care. Insightful advice. Exemplary Service.

Partner with one advisor

Build a relationship with a skilled and experienced doctor’s lending specialist who provides a level of personalised service and care you’ve been missing from your traditional banking experiences.

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Save valuable time

From direct phone, email and in-person contact with your dedicated advisor, to prompt solutions, minimal paperwork and consistent updates, we ensure your entire home loan experience is as immediate, beneficial and easy as possible.

Know we give back

Each year, Kooyong Group commits to significant grants across medicine, hospitals, mental health and the arts. Actively supporting the medical community, and those in need, is a major part of who we are.

Secure better home loans

Maximise your opportunities to acquire the ideal home loan solution for your needs by taking advantage of our unparalleled medical lending expertise, senior banking industry contacts, range of lenders and options designed for doctors.

Exclusively for doctors

Career costs, contracts while in training, diverse career paths, interim income and complex earnings…our people understand doctor’s unique professional and financing challenges more intimately than other lenders.

Arrange all your financing

We go on your entire journey with you. Whether you’re buying or upgrading a property, car, practice, equipment or something personal, we have the custom loan products and lending partners to help you thrive at every stage of your career and life.

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There’s nothing hidden. They are very transparent, and extremely professional. Other people talk the talk but there’s no substance, which is totally contrary to the Kooyong Group way. What they say, they deliver.
Dr Assuntha Victor

General Practitioner, Broad Oak Medical and Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. They can be fixed, variable and interest only. They can be simple (like a standard home loan), or more complex to help you make effective use of tax, gearing and repayments. Loan features like redraw, offset and additional repayments can also help you manage your investment loan.

Positive gearing is when you earn more income from your property in a year than the cost of owning the property.

Negative gearing is when the yearly property costs are higher than the income it generates. If you are negatively geared, you may be able to claim a tax deduction.

Your Kooyong Group advisor can untangle the complexities of investing and arrange the most appropriate loan, should you decide to go ahead.

We challenge convention.
We surprise our clients.
We are never ordinary.

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