Why choose a personal overdraft?

We compare and customise finance options from a network of lenders who recognise doctor’s unique needs - so you never miss out on the right loan.

• Flexible limits - depending on whether your loan is secured or unsecured
• Interest only repayments
• Instant access to funds - no applying for new loans
• Take money out (draw up) as you need it
• Do all your transactions instantly online

A Kooyong Group personal advisor can take you through all the benefits and limitations of personal overdrafts. If you like what you hear, they can quickly arrange the loan that best fit your needs.

Why choose a personal overdraft?

We understand doctors better than any lender

You’ll save time, avoid frustration and secure the right overdraft with help from a lending specialist who works exclusively with doctors.

Talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable personal advisors.

They will quickly understand your needs and plans, provide finance options and valuable insight – then arrange everything to get the funds to you fast.

We understand doctors better than any lender

Arrange a personal overdraft in 4 simple steps

  • 1

    Talk to an advisor

    Discuss your unique situation and get the right loan for you.

  • 2


    Take advantage of our loan process that streamlines doctor’s applications.

  • 3

    Sign documents

    Sign the paperwork and your application will be assessed.

  • 4

    Gain approval

    If your loan is approved, in most cases you’ll have funds available within days.

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Gain a client’s perspective

Discover what it’s like to have a dedicated Kooyong Group advisor on your side.

Gain a client’s perspective
I was being laughed out of the bank by the bank managers. They said 'come back in ten years time when you’re qualified..' Penny took away the difficulties associated with dealing with the banks that really enabled us to buy our first house.
Matthew Read

Upper GI Surgeon, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

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There’s nothing hidden. They’re very transparent, extremely professional. Other people talk the talk but there’s no substance, which is totally contrary to the Kooyong Group way. What they say, they deliver.
Dr Assuntha Victor

General Practitioner, Broad Oak Medical and Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

For a secured overdraft (or line of credit) you need to use an asset as security. With an unsecured overdraft, you don’t need security against the loan. Usually, secured overdrafts come with lower interest rates.

Yes, you can.

We challenge convention.
We surprise our clients.
We are never ordinary.

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Bonnie Hanlon

Artist & Owner - The Alchemist artists supply


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