Avant Financial Services We have made significant philanthropic contributions to the fields of medicine, mental health, the environment and the arts.

Why we give

Giving back and doing good are in the very fabric of our people and culture.

Why we give

The spirit of giving and philanthropy at Avant makes us unique in the financial industry. We are supportive, caring and always seek to be the best we can for our clients, and each other. With mutual success comes the opportunity to significantly contribute to society and be an actively sustainable business. Most importantly, we ensure that this pledge translates into actions.

By placing your unique financial needs and goals in our experienced hands, you know that you’re also supporting the medical community and many worthy causes, as well as contributing to a better world.

Who we give to

Our contributions and grants go to organisations and causes that create long-lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

Victorian Pride Centre
The National Theatre Melbourne
Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne
Fred Hollows
CEO sleepout
Oxfam 2
Beyond Blue
Australians for Mental Health
Arts Centre Melbourne
Jewish Museum
REd Nose
#Black dog
#St Vincents

Discover our giving in action

Watch and read some real-world stories of how Avant Financial Services is contributing to the medical community and committing to a sustainable world.


"I can remember the time when we bought the property to set up the practice. We had to set up the finances to build the practice and that was particularly stressful. To have someone that could direct you an appropriate way eased a lot of pressure, and that was what Jeremy was able to do"
Dr Tony Alvino and Dr Aris Gatoudis

Dentists and co-founders of Family Dental Clinics Adelaide


"Rescuing a large animal is no easy feat." The story of Dr Christine Smith's advocacy for large animal rescue training in NSW.

Dr Christine Smith's advocacy for large animal rescue training in NSW.


Over 1300 trees planted…and we’re just getting started


RBA hit pause, should you?

Doctors in their new property

From a family home to a whole portfolio, Dr Jessica* has built a nest egg for her family

Doctors in their new property